Raymond Rahme, a South African professional poker player was the first ever African to reach the final table at a World Series Poker main event.

In the year 2007, he took his seat at the Main Event and finally finished fourth at the All Africa Poker Champion, which was supposedly the largest poker tournament ever played. This is one of the prime reasons why he has become the popular and the richest South African player till date.

In 2007, in one of the poker tournaments, Raymond Rahme was eliminated third taking home round about $3,048,025. He was playing with Jerry Yang, when Yang raised to $2 million. This was followed by a re raising from Raymond Rahme and when the flop came out which turned out to be ace of diamonds, jack of hearts and 8 of hearts, Raymond Rahme checked while Jerry Yang took the opportunity and then fired out a $10 million bet.

Raymond Rahme was confident enough of winning this one and slowly pushed all his chips to the middle, when the whole of the ESPN arena remained quiet. Yang, a bit unsure still took the chance of calling it when the last two cards that came out were two kings. Jerry Yang won the pot with an ace of clubs and five of spades while Raymond Rahme had three of spades and 2 of clubs. Thus Raymond Rahme was eliminated in this very interesting game, taking home over $3 million.

Raymond Rahme who has been faithful to the Aussie Melbourne says that he has been playing for this side for quite some time now – six years to be approximate – alongside players like Ivan Demidov. He feels that this is one of the best tournaments apart from the world series poker tournament which has some 7000 odd players.