Who is Raymond Rahme

This professional poker has scooped the world title for several times. Raymond Rahme was born in South Africa back in 1945. Raymond has a poor academic background and he drop out of school at an early age and did not pursue higher education. However, through his hard work he became a wealthy and a very successful businessman in different fields.

Raymond Rahme was the first African to participate in the world championships where he ran through the game until he managed to win $ 3,048,025, which was a great cash prize. In 2007, he participated in the world events and he managed the third position in the game. He is the most successful poker player in the whole of Africa and has made more money in the field than any other African has. He is an aged man and with his positive career ambitions, he is a very professional man who has made it to the end of the road.

Raymond Rahme had a negative view of poker game since he lost a lot of money at the start but with motivation from his friends, he began online gambling and was able to win in different tournaments in Swaziland and in South Africa. After this, he won a package of R150, 000 to participate in the Las Vegas poker championships and was able to get the great prize

He is now playing poker as a hobby and likes table poker than online poker. The family man lives with Teresa his wife and their 6 children in South Africa. Though an aged man, he is passionate about poker, plays both online, and table poker. Raymond Rahme likes table poker arguing that it is easy to control opponents on the table than in online poker. He is a professional poker and loves the game very much.