Raymond Rahme’s Chance in WSOP

Women poker players are not as popular as Raymond Rahme and other male players. Mostly, it is men that dominate the game of poker. And because men are the ones playing, they have fashioned the games after their strength. World Championship of Online Poker called WCOOP in 2012 has come and gone. The excitement and suspense was not left behind because a lot of tournaments were won and a lot of people lost out.

PokerStars is a largest online poker platform that has made it possible for lots of men to gather around the internet for games. Some of these men walked out richer and smiling while a lot bowed out in shame and disgrace. Poker is a game that has made it possible for any poker player to have a fair advantage.
It is no longer a game for men like Raymond Rahme who has made a name in the game. A new entry like Sam Holden who is playing the 2012 WSOP in Las Vegas can win the game.

The stakes are high and the competition is keen. There are no new players again because we have seen a lot of new players beating the white horses in poker. At the end of poker year, a lot of players would be having the headlines on major poker news sites because they have done very well. And for those who have lost out in their games, they have next year to make up. However, there are still games that are on before WSOP comes up. We would be keeping our fingers crossed as we await the final game of the year. The winner is not known because Raymond Rahme and other pro players are going for a win, when every pro player is a champion, who is going to lose?