Rob Salabun Success in WPT

As the worlds best poker players get up an about to show their skill and make some serious money, Texas’ own Rob Salabun has not been left out of the frenzy. Almost entirely dedicated to private games, this year’s World Poker Tour tournament is one of the first major events of his career.

While it is true according to most private poker game players that the most cash is in the homes, Rob did not only surprise the entire poker with his moves, he was also suppressed at how easily he had beaten some renown poker stars to finish at position eight leaving the competition almost $1 million richer than he came.

Rob was by far one of the most colorful performers’ personalities that everybody including the media had their eyes on. In fact, on his final game, he pulled out some professional moves that were aired on the national TV. Unfortunately he was eliminated. In an interview after his match, Rob expressed dissatisfaction saying that he came here ready to win and it was disappointing to settle on the 8th position. However, the newcomer in the event had managed to make a name for him and also had a reason to smile at his bankroll.

He expressed that he will continue to play his cash games despite his success in the tournament. Rob has also established himself in the online poker games just like most successful poker players. He has also featured in some other games including the Jacksonville World Tour and making some good cash out of it and also had been in Mexico for the Full Till poker series. His lack of interest in live tournament games is due to the fact that he hates Casino Games and actually finds them boring. He also supports the fact that home games are the real deal and that’s where more cash is now.