O’Dwyer and Jorgensen Circling as EPT London Hits Day 4

Steve O’Dwyer, Nicolas Chouity, and Theo Jorgensen are leading the EPT final table at the end of Day 4. There is tough completion between all three legend players. You should know how to play like a pro in live tournament. You have to be extra cautious and skilled to make the final title.

Every day is associated with few eliminations and new experiences. The important thing is that you should learn some good stuff from your past mistakes. There is no shortage of talent in poker industry. You just need to know how to establish yourself among most popular entries.

There was not much difference in chip count among all top entries. But few players are certainly lucky who has made the stack at the end of Day 4. Still it is hard to predict who will make the final title at EPT event. According to Theo Jorgensen, you should not think about the money when you are playing poker. Just focus on your game if you really want to become a winner. It is truly an incredible experience for any poker player to win the tournament. It gives you inner satisfaction as well as fame in outer world. If you are not hundred percent focused then you cannot win the final tournament at any cost.

There is no doubt that every player feels little insecure when he is competing against most popular faces at the final table. But you should know how to manage the game in your favor. It is not easy for any player to lead the final table without talent. It is your skills and talent that makes you perfect poker player. You can learn good poker strategies from experienced players online or personally. You can also practice poker as an online poker player for free.