A Kill Game – Fixed Limit Game

A kill game is one type of poker game. This game is played by using fixed limit variation on betting rules. Here, player’s plays the betting round until the specific decided limit is not reached, and slowdown the particular table round as an when the fixed limit have been achieved in the pot through betting and raise.

This game provides the play on the kill hands, by involvement of an additional blind bet; it even increases the betting limits. These games are not played frequently but are common as the home poker games. Most of the poker offering casinos introduces the kill game on request to a table or during specific scheduled time.

Kill games are often used under Texas Hold’Em in the poker games as a variant of community card games. It uses blinds as one of the primary force on bet. The inexperienced players might take wrong decisions while betting or re-raising amount during the bet round, and substantially this may lead them towards loss of large amount of money. The kill game is not for a new player instead it should be only played if the player is much familiar with the rules, terms and conditions of this game. The player can lose his/her money if they are not aware about the game.

Kill games on the table of casino or poker rooms can create a harsh and heightened thrill and risk among the players, it the players are well known about the rules and procedures and experienced as well. If a player is on a winning track, or a player has won a big pot, or the next pot is going to be more likely bigger. On certain situations the kill games gives encouragement to the player’s who have lose their money just with the passage of the time, he/she can recover their money through kill game round if he/she is experienced and well-known.