Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson may be one among the most identifiable players in poker today. Wearing a cowboy hat and with his long hair, other pokers gifted him the moniker “Jesus” with love. Ferguson’s passion for poker comes from the love of statistics, that has been passed on to him from his father who was an expert on the game concept and statistics. From his father, in the ages of ten he learned how to play poker and become successful in it. Ferguson attends UCLA and obtained a Bachelor’s degree, then accomplished his Doctorate in Computer Science. Nevertheless, Ferguson never dropped the passion for the game, and he utilized his substantial knowledge of game idea and statistics on the card table, that has established to be really successful, to point out the least.

All over the 1990s, he played poker game on the internet and earned lots of fame. In these days he played against some deadly opponents online. As he found himself well in the online, he extended his expertise in the local areas and soon become the famous in the city of Los Angeles. With this name and fame he participates in the World Series of Poker in 2000 in Las Vegas. There he performed brilliantly and knock down some of the world famous poker players; T.J. Cloutier was one among them. It has been the incident just after the year of his Doctorate degree.

Ferguson being a man with high degree of brilliancy takes all his game statistics in his mind. He owns till date five World Series bracelets and has made it on the final poker table for 25 times. He has finished the cash game for 42 times and at this age he earned about $4 million by playing World Series poker games. It does not include the amount he made by playing the poker game online or in his local areas in Los Angeles. It was found in 2006 that how dangerous player he is as he has got the second place after beating 64 players in the National Head’s Up Poker championship.