Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander has been popular for his magical tricks all the time and this has added to his passion for the game of poker.

He has been a multi talented personality and has been trying his hands at many events which has offered him exposure to many different fields of professions like being a magician, singer, dancer, actor, etc. After trying various careers, he finally decided to try his hand at the poker tables, and as luck would have it, he found his passion and played his hand at the game. Right from the beginning, he had a passion for acting and had sufficient exposure to get the roles.

His passion for poker was rekindled when he appeared in some of the television shows which were related to poker. Surprisingly, he found that he loved the game and would want to participate in the events. He started winning the tables and this was the time when he was donating his money to the charity. Once he started making large amounts of money which were not charity events, he started taking the game seriously. From one event to another, he stated winning and this gave him the confidence on his mastery of the game.

He started playing non charity events so that he could add to his earnings and this lead him to the final tables of most of the major poker events and offered him the exposure to some of the most seasoned players of the times. Jason Alexander has never regretted his decision to play poker and has in fact developed his passion for the game and has made it his life line for a long time now. He loves to travel to different places to play the live tournaments and this offers him to see new places and add to his winnings at the same time.