Brummelhuis at the November Nine

Michiel Brummelhuis, 32, enters the last table of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event, being seventh in chips with 11.3 million. Brummelhuis, the father of an infant kid, is the first Dutch player to arrive at the last table of the Main Event. Marcel Luske completed tenth in the 2004 Main Event, nine years before Brummelhuis.

In spite of the fact that Brummelhuis will start the last table in the base 50% of the numbers, his spot isn’t too awful. Mark Newhouse, who is eighth in chips, is to his prompts left and shouldn’t pester excessively of a risk because of his stack estimate. Similarly, Ryan Riess and Amir Lehavot are the following two players to his left. While they both have huge stacks, they played equitably cosy heading into the November Nine.

In the event that they come in with the same attitude, Brummelhuis might as well have a few chances to swipe the blinds and risks.

Brummelhuis told ESPN that investing volume online at an adolescent age in the Netherlands was troublesome, since his guardians didn’t have the Internet. With a base trade in for money at the Main Event, Brummelhuis has over $1.4 million invocation competition profit. The Dutchman’s past biggest score came in 2010, when he finalized fourth in $25,000 High Stakes event at Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.

Throughout the four-month break, Brummelhuis made a trip to the European Poker Tour London and the WSOP Europe, yet was unable to win a single dime at either occasion. The 32-year-old was felt like the birth of his child Thijmen in September, nonetheless. It’s set to be hard not to cheer for Brummelhuis at the last table.

Consolidating the amiable thought of turning into another father with his laid-back and quiet air, Brummelhuis will doubtlessly be one of the additionally loving identities at the last table.