Sarah Herzali: A famous name in the world of poker

Sarah Herzali was born in Marseille, France. Her total earnings from live tournaments are about $192,440, and her best record is to win $37,019 in a live event. On 22nd of July, 2014 she secured 20th place at the 45th World Series of Poker event along with a total of $13,390 in cash prize. On 30th March, 2014 she finished at the 22nd place in Bwin EPT National Merit Cyprus event along with a cash prize of $1,325. She got 25th rank at the 44th World Series of Poker event which was held on 6th June of the year 2013. She won about $37,019 in that event. She got 45th rank in IPT San Remo and earned a total of $1,107 as a cash prize. The event was held on 27th of April, 2013. She secured 16th place at the 2012 Mega Stack series on 4th of July, 2012. She earned about $692 in that event.

She has considered as one of the most-talented poker players of the modern times. It is clear that she is a gifted player from all her victories. Although it may seem that she is not a major success in the poker world because of her low earnings but it is sure that she is going to be a big name in the world of poker.

She started playing poker when she was quite young. Her interest in poker games eventually turned into a profession and now she is officially considered as a professional poker player. Despite her number of participations in so many tournaments, her earnings are still nowhere close to that of a highly successful poker player. But despite this fact, she has gained immense popularity from her game in which she uses all the tricks and strategies she has learned from her experience.