Peter East gate-Poker possesses 1 bracelet

When you wish to play a game, you need to know whether the game is really a cup of tea of yours, whereby you can continue the game further. When you consider this game Poker, you can win the game easily when you know the tactics of it. Thinking of such professionals, you can never forget Peter east gate as he has possessed a bracelet.
Peter East gate is a player who plays Poker from the place of Denmark, who is knowable for his 2008 event. The player was the very youngest player at that time period that was surpassed by another player named as Joe by the year 2009. The player has been given the nickname as Icegate and also as Isser too. The player has been introduced this poker game by his class mate, whereby then he started playing the game interestingly. When Peter was qualified to play the final table via a website named as Ladbrokes Poker, hence he did travel to Las Vegas being a team of Ladbrokes poker.
Winner of event 2008 WSOP:
Thus the player reached the final table of main event held in 2008 WSOP, where he met his opponent Demidov in heads-up battle. Thus he gave a dazzling defeat to his opponent, by winning the main event and turned out to be the winner of WSOP 2008. He did break the record of Phil Hellmuth who won the event, when he was 24, and Peter surpassed him, as he was 22 at the moment he won the WSOP 2008 main event. The player stated the statement as that he started playing the game for a living, and it was not his aim to become a poker professional in the rest of his days, yet he then joined back after a break of 8 month period of time.