William “Bill” Chen resume buttresses poker is a game of skill

Poker is founded on mathematics principles of probability and predictions, if you want to win; you have to view it from this standpoint.

Bets, bluffs, raises as well as folds should be weighed particularly on the projected value but not because the action is apparently right or intimates something. Poker players who invest skill have seen the fruition of this through their accomplishments and strategic play at tough encounters. William “Bill” Chen who has been in the poker industry since 2005 has a resume that reflects the unprecedented nature of the game.

His winnings show players who are determined are always inclined to make a winning. His C.V has adorable poker accomplishments he has attained at different tournaments.
Firstly, Chen played at the 2006 WSOP where he brought down the final table in two events to mint twin bracelets. This was in the $3,000 Limit Texas Hold’em tournament where he took home $343,618 and again in the $2,500 NLHE Short-Handed tournament for a grand prize of $442,511. His antecedent largest event win preceding these events was at the Bicycle Casino Legends of Poker NLHE where he wrung out $41,600. In 2009 he ventured into the televised Poker After Dark where he placed 5th losing to Jimmy Warren. His participation has seen him gain membership at the Churchill Regular Association for Poker as a Nobel Laureate.

However, since 2009, he has not featured in high profile cash games but one cannot conclude he is out yet. However, minting two bracelets and earning substantially at the WSOP has seen him become a prominent player globally.

In 2009, his overall live events earnings were above $1,000,000 with his fourteen cashes at the WSOP have contributed $882,744 of the earnings. His resume is magnificent and commendable; if he reappears more victories are in the offing.