San Angelo Man Wins World Series Of Poker

It’s known to most people that the World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas each year, although its roots are actually in West Texas. Around 7 of the first 8 World Champions of Poker were from West Texas. Well, what’s not known to the majority of people is that one of the champions is a San Angelo native named Roberts. He was a football standout in the late 1940s for San Angelo High School won the World Series of Poker main event in 1975. The world champion title was earned by him in addition to $210,000 in the winner-take-all format. There were 21 top players from all over the world and each of them purchased in for $10,000.

The tournament of this year has drawn 7,874 entrants, and John Cynn the winner of the event from Indiana earned $8.8 million in the final-table. The live telecast was shown on ESPN. As far as Roberts is concerned, he only had to direct the field which has 20 players as his opponents. However, he was also known for playing against some of the poker legends. He has defeated champions like Johnny Moss for Odessa, the 3 time winner of the inaugural World Series of Poker in the year 1970. Another player Roberts played against was Thomas Preston, the champion in the year 1972.

Sailor was the nickname earned by Roberts as he served in the United States Navy when the Korean War was on. Besides, he won a bracelet in WSOP 1974 in the Deuce to Seven Draw event which made him earn $35,850. He finished in 5th place at the WSOP main event in the year 1977 out of 34 players. Sadly, he died in the year 1995 and he was 64 years old. No Texan has been so successful in the game like Roberts. He will always be remembered for his poker playing stunts.

Online Poker In Australia Seemed Dead

In Australia, online poker seemed to be dead and buried, and mourners walking away heads down and in black as the last remnant of the game floated through the air.

Why we are saying this because the last news about the game in the Land Down Under came when the government looked to have struck a fatal blow in opposition of the game. In spite of the best efforts put by the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA), of the lobbying group Sen.

David Leyonhjelm and elite poker players who in the support of their game fired submissions during a formal inquiry put in movement by Leyonhjelm, the government hurriedly in the year 2016 passed the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill.

After the coming of passage, which made it almost clear the operation of the game could not be done in the country anymore, most of the regulators tucked tail and exited and one among them was the leading PokerStars.

In an email, company said to its players “Because the Australian parliament passing the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (2016) last month, the time has come to stop all poker play that involves the real money at our tables for you as well as all other players in Australia. This is really sad for us.”

“As we have said before, we aren’t against any government and we are respecting this decision of the Australian government and appreciate their intentions. Mission to keep the online world secure and players safe is our mission as well and we share it wholeheartedly.”
Fighting Back

As of now, it is all not over, as Leyonhjelm clearly wasn’t done. He is still striving to negotiate with the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield. In an interview, he has said, he will continue his fight.

Card Player Poker Tour At Bicycle Hotel & Casino

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino will be again playing host to the Card Player Poker Tour.

It is held in July this year during the American summer. The series has started on July 1 with $60/$90/$115 Quantum Reload no-limit hold’em event and it has a $40,000 guarantee. There will also be the $130 no-limit hold’em survivor event to take place later in the day.

The Bicycle Hotel Casino will be hosting its events from July 2nd to July 6th. The starting fights for the $100,000 assured no-limit hold’em event will be held and the buy-in for the event is just $150. The players who survive day one will get to take part in day 2 on July 7. There is also a direct buy-in option for day 2 of the event for $1,100. Another event $100 no-limit hold’em deep stack event will be held with a guarantee of $250,000.

The tournament organizers are looking for a very good participation at the Bike this summer. In 2016, there were a total of 1,333 players who took part in the event and the event was won by Koveh Waysei who took home $45,000.

The tournament director Mo Fathipour said that he is very much aware of what players are looking for in the quantum reload tournament format. He is also a player and clearly understands what is in the minds of the players taking part. The main thing about the quantum tournaments is that it has low buy-ins and bigger money guarantees.

This is the first of the Card Player Poker Tour to come to Bike this year and the next one is scheduled to come to Bike in October this year. The Bike is one of the best in the industry to offer creative and well-structured events. This is what is exceeded by players this time too.

Rahme Eliminated From LPC On Day 2

111 players came to the du Liban Casino outside of Beirut for the second day of the 2009 Lebanese Poker Championship.

The largest tournament of poker in the city had ever. The structure of the tournament was deliberately designed the way that those players take their time and picks their spots carefully. This lead to slow start of the event and it became slower then what was calculated by the organizer.

Total 28 players remained in the event by the end of day 2 of the event. On day 2 of the event Fadi Kamar was leading all players with a good margin and moved to the final day of the event.

Many renowned players were eliminated from the game on day 2. And among many Raymond Rahme was also the one. The player was eliminated early from the game, leading to a big three-way hand. The hand was between Rahme, Ziad Hany and Joseph Mouawad. Both Rahme and Mouawad were chasing Handy and entire chips went in the middle on a flop, when Mouawad showed to Rahme. And when the running sevens were brought by turn and river Hany scooped the pot and both Mouawad and Rahme headed to the rail.

The event saw some great twist and turns as some players who were expected to win the tournament got eliminated from the event in the early rounds.

After elimination Rahme was not happy with his performance. He shared his feeling with these words, “The game was going good. Both I and Mouawad were chasing Hany. Hany was aware of that. He played smartly and showed the way to train.” “Though, I am no more the part of the event as a player, but will watch this interesting tournament. It is a great fun playing here.” He added.

WPTDeepStacks Season 4 In 2017

There is much brouhaha about WPT acquiring WPTDeepStacks.

This is a brand that has partnered with WPT in many occasions and with the acquisition stance, it is hoped that both brands will benefit in strengthening their related activities and extending the brands across different regions. Indeed, WPT executive director confessed that Chris Torina has been an influential figure in helping the poker brand in several activities and campaigns.

The acquisition has also benefited in store for WPTDeepStacks. It will be able to expand into unexplored territories and develop new business partners. The DeepStack Poker Tour is coming up and it will run as usual this year. The company will continue to operate independently in Canada. Season 4 of the Hollywood event organized by WPTDeepStacks will be kicking off from January 19th. This will be held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino which in Tampa, Florida. Here the main event features a guaranteed amount of $1,100.

This tournament this year will have a total of eighteen events. There will be a new location for the one million guaranteed championships of WPTDeepStacks. It would be held between December 1st to 4th at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in California. This championship event will include a buy in amount of $2500. The second half of season 4 will have a separate schedule that is yet to be finalized. There would be ten events in total that would be held in the first six months this year. The second half guarantees seven events that would combine a total of $2.6 million, which is a combination of a main event and other events. The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa located in Reno would be hosting the WPTDS from August 17th to 28th while Seminole Immokalee Casino will host the same from September 2nd to 11th as a link to the Seminole tribe.

Google Unearth Poker Cheating Device

A Google researcher has revealed a sophisticated cheating device of poker.

The device help players to know what cards are holding you. It gives information with the use of a specially adapted deck of cards and mobile phone.
I player shared his experience of fraud and said “I was playing poker in a roadside pub, and there was not much players. I was not expecting fraud there, but, actually we end up with experience.

To identify the device used for cheating the employee of Google paid 1,300 Dollars. The device is a mobile phone and it is equipped with LED light and a digital camera. The LED lights present in phone let the device to read codes in lines that is present on the back of a card that is being used by pub to play game.

The cheating device or phone is placed at the position so that, it can scan the deck’s range, now the person who is using the device plugs in the earphones, and now the device is ready to work. It will tell you know what playing cards the opponent is holding. The device works incredibly and gives accurate information about the card that opponent is holding. After knowing opponent card it will be like a player is playing poker with opponent’s face up hole card.

It is not like the cheating device is available only in mobile phones and banning mobile phones can work in pubs. Instead, this device comes in multiple set with adapted digital camera and LED lights like car keys.

The poker is a gambling game that involves cash dealing. Cheating devices like this can put much effect on win and lose of the game. The reveal of Google researcher is big and hope pub operators will be able to restrict its use.

Poker Legislation’s Fate In California

The issue of online poker becoming legal in California has been a subject of an ongoing debate.

It seems that the debate will be prolonged as the latest bill on trying to legalize online poker in this state just suffered an early death recently. There have been several attempts and the latest attempt to legalize poker online in California has suffered an early death at the state assembly. The result was several competing groups that are in the gambling industry and are jostling for power in this market that rakes in about one billion annually.

The battle continues between the Native American tribes in this state versus the online poker sites. Even though the legalization would prove lucrative for the casino operators as well as the state, the native tribes are opposing such an action. As per media sources like the Los Angeles Times, the bill was put across by Adam Gray, an Assemblyman who wanted to have poker licenses granted to online poker sites for a period of seven years.

The license would have been granted to poker parlors along with Native American tribes, about 60 in number. That would have been subject to checks run by the Department of Justice of the state. Poker parlors have legal licenses to operate, but not to run online versions legally. The bill was the eleventh attempt to legalize the poker game in the state, but it could not get two thirds support at the state assembly due to which it could not become eligible for a final vote at the legislative session.

The tribes were concerned that poker sites like Amaya would cut into their operations and that could not be averted even if there is a clause that would prevent international sites from getting into the business here.

CPP Tour hitting to bestbet Jacksonville later

When you first take a walk through the bestbet Jacksonville doors, this probably seems like a whole lot of rooms.

The casualnesses are all there – be it the continuous click-clack of chips, the acute stare of the bombers, the freewheeling smile of the gamblers or only the good old southern hospitality, each poker player must feel at home.

This is really very easy to neglect when you sit on the mat and unrack your chips that you are staying sitting in not only one of East Coasts premier poker procedures, but one of Americas top poker rooms. A spot like this does not came up just in a night. This was forged through the past 80 years. The Jacksonville Greyhound Racing spread out their doors in the year 1934 under the standard of greyhound racing as well as pari-mutuel betting. Then, it spent the next seventy years becoming one of the most popular live dog tracks in the nation.

So in the year 2004 when Florida authorized legislation letting poker in pari-mutuel adeptnesses, bestbet carried on the charge by starting one of the biggest poker rooms in the state, taking the very first step towards inspiring gaming in Florida. As it appears, bestbet presently operates 2 of the states highly successful poker rooms at both their Orange Park as well as Jacksonville places.

In the coming twelve years, this game would go on evolving from within the borders of bestbet and Sunshine State was just one step ahead of the
Over the next 12 years the game of poker would keep evolving from within the borders of the Sunshine State and bestbet was one step ahead of the veer each step of the way. Event buy-ins developed from a meager US$ 45 maximum to US$ 5000 buy-ins with 6 figure guarantees when yesterdays US$ 2 limit players flourished into todays US$ 2-$5 pros.

Seneca Fall Poker Classic 2015 50000 guarantee

On Tuesday, 2 more starting flights finished off in the US$ 50000 Guaranteed US$ 100 No-Limit Hold’em tournament from Seneca Fall Poker Classic 2015. After the aggregated flights of Day 1A as well as Day 1B drew in hundred-fifty total entries earlier on Monday, other hundred-fifty-three entries were included on Tuesday to bring the total size of the field to three-hundred-three entering into the final 2 flights on Wednesday.

After Day 1C on
Tuesday, eleven players made it through
from sixty-three entries. Mark Roberts hold the chip lead after 4-flushed his opponents in a grand 3-way all-in pot, before becoming the better of John Stempien to summit the 100000 chip mark. Finally, he bulged 147000.

It was Warren Hart, the Canadian player, who got the lead o Day 1C, playing in his 2nd ever event after the first finished with a fifteenth spot finish in Event No. 1 here. He ran hot both early and late to bag 161000.

Kevork Garabedian was the other pro past the 6-figure mark on the Day 1C, but Michelle Caldwell pocketed close to it with 98300. On the Day 1D that happened later in the day, seventeen players advanced from the ninety entries which took part in it.

Pat Tighe, a top local tourney grinder, got the chip lead on the Day 1D when he called a 5-bet shove from Scott Treutlein, the early leader, on pocket tens.

Ole Scheming: A Poker Player with Great Strategy

Ole Scheming is the best player of poker. Who is the best in his own? He has played many of the matches and got scored and ranked very well.

He is the most handsome player of poker. Poker is ole’s passion and he plays every match like his challenge and he doesn’t care who the competitor is so that he stands at different place from others. He has own total $7,736,707 in his whole carrier. He has total 11 carrier titles won. 48 carrier cashes he has own in his carrier. He has won 700 points in poker of the year and he has ranked at 133.

Ole doesn’t play any World Series of Poker. Also he doesn’t play any World poker Tour. He has played European Poker Tour. He has won $471,842 total in European Poker tour. Total 7 cashes has won in this poker tour. And he has played at 2 final tables in this tour. He has been Poker player of the year at 133 rank and won $1,048,815 prize in this. His carrier graph is very smooth and its continuously going increases that is most dominant and very great achievement he has in his carrier.

He has played Main event which is played in 2012. In this game he has placed at 1st rank and winnings was $1,474,671. The event was played in Sep 2012. Total participants were 573 and prize pool was $6,286,699. Second top cashes was played in july2014 and game type was No Limit Hold’Em and total 30 participants in this and prize pool was $2,970,000 and buy in was $10000, he has get 600 points in this series. Recently he has played on 31st Jan 2015 and game type was No Limit Hold’Em and placed at 2nd rank in this game. His winnings were of total $1,048,815.