San Angelo Man Wins World Series Of Poker

It’s known to most people that the World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas each year, although its roots are actually in West Texas. Around 7 of the first 8 World Champions of Poker were from West Texas. Well, what’s not known to the majority of people is that one of the champions is a San Angelo native named Roberts. He was a football standout in the late 1940s for San Angelo High School won the World Series of Poker main event in 1975. The world champion title was earned by him in addition to $210,000 in the winner-take-all format.

Online Poker In Australia Seemed Dead

In Australia, online poker seemed to be dead and buried, and mourners walking away heads down and in black as the last remnant of the game floated through the air.

Why we are saying this because the last news about the game in the Land Down Under came when the government looked to have struck a fatal blow in opposition of the game. In spite of the best efforts put by the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA), of the lobbying group Sen.

Rahme Eliminated From LPC On Day 2

111 players came to the du Liban Casino outside of Beirut for the second day of the 2009 Lebanese Poker Championship.

The largest tournament of poker in the city had ever. The structure of the tournament was deliberately designed the way that those players take their time and picks their spots carefully. This lead to slow start of the event and it became slower then what was calculated by the organizer.

WPTDeepStacks Season 4 In 2017

There is much brouhaha about WPT acquiring WPTDeepStacks.

This is a brand that has partnered with WPT in many occasions and with the acquisition stance, it is hoped that both brands will benefit in strengthening their related activities and extending the brands across different regions. Indeed, WPT executive director confessed that Chris Torina has been an influential figure in helping the poker brand in several activities and campaigns.

Google Unearth Poker Cheating Device

A Google researcher has revealed a sophisticated cheating device of poker.

The device help players to know what cards are holding you. It gives information with the use of a specially adapted deck of cards and mobile phone.
I player shared his experience of fraud and said “I was playing poker in a roadside pub, and there was not much players. I was not expecting fraud there, but, actually we end up with experience.

Seneca Fall Poker Classic 2015 50000 guarantee

On Tuesday, 2 more starting flights finished off in the US$ 50000 Guaranteed US$ 100 No-Limit Hold’em tournament from Seneca Fall Poker Classic 2015. After the aggregated flights of Day 1A as well as Day 1B drew in hundred-fifty total entries earlier on Monday, other hundred-fifty-three entries were included on Tuesday to bring the total size of the field to three-hundred-three entering into the final 2 flights on Wednesday.

After Day 1C on

Ole Scheming: A Poker Player with Great Strategy

Ole Scheming is the best player of poker. Who is the best in his own? He has played many of the matches and got scored and ranked very well.

He is the most handsome player of poker. Poker is ole’s passion and he plays every match like his challenge and he doesn’t care who the competitor is so that he stands at different place from others. He has own total $7,736,707 in his whole carrier. He has total 11 carrier titles won. 48 carrier cashes he has own in his carrier. He has won 700 points in poker of the year and he has ranked at 133.