Google Unearth Poker Cheating Device

A Google researcher has revealed a sophisticated cheating device of poker.

The device help players to know what cards are holding you. It gives information with the use of a specially adapted deck of cards and mobile phone.
I player shared his experience of fraud and said “I was playing poker in a roadside pub, and there was not much players. I was not expecting fraud there, but, actually we end up with experience.

To identify the device used for cheating the employee of Google paid 1,300 Dollars. The device is a mobile phone and it is equipped with LED light and a digital camera. The LED lights present in phone let the device to read codes in lines that is present on the back of a card that is being used by pub to play game.

The cheating device or phone is placed at the position so that, it can scan the deck’s range, now the person who is using the device plugs in the earphones, and now the device is ready to work. It will tell you know what playing cards the opponent is holding. The device works incredibly and gives accurate information about the card that opponent is holding. After knowing opponent card it will be like a player is playing poker with opponent’s face up hole card.

It is not like the cheating device is available only in mobile phones and banning mobile phones can work in pubs. Instead, this device comes in multiple set with adapted digital camera and LED lights like car keys.

The poker is a gambling game that involves cash dealing. Cheating devices like this can put much effect on win and lose of the game. The reveal of Google researcher is big and hope pub operators will be able to restrict its use.