Online Poker In Australia Seemed Dead

In Australia, online poker seemed to be dead and buried, and mourners walking away heads down and in black as the last remnant of the game floated through the air.

Why we are saying this because the last news about the game in the Land Down Under came when the government looked to have struck a fatal blow in opposition of the game. In spite of the best efforts put by the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA), of the lobbying group Sen.

David Leyonhjelm and elite poker players who in the support of their game fired submissions during a formal inquiry put in movement by Leyonhjelm, the government hurriedly in the year 2016 passed the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill.

After the coming of passage, which made it almost clear the operation of the game could not be done in the country anymore, most of the regulators tucked tail and exited and one among them was the leading PokerStars.

In an email, company said to its players “Because the Australian parliament passing the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (2016) last month, the time has come to stop all poker play that involves the real money at our tables for you as well as all other players in Australia. This is really sad for us.”

“As we have said before, we aren’t against any government and we are respecting this decision of the Australian government and appreciate their intentions. Mission to keep the online world secure and players safe is our mission as well and we share it wholeheartedly.”
Fighting Back

As of now, it is all not over, as Leyonhjelm clearly wasn’t done. He is still striving to negotiate with the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield. In an interview, he has said, he will continue his fight.