Ole Scheming: A Poker Player with Great Strategy

Ole Scheming is the best player of poker. Who is the best in his own? He has played many of the matches and got scored and ranked very well.

He is the most handsome player of poker. Poker is ole’s passion and he plays every match like his challenge and he doesn’t care who the competitor is so that he stands at different place from others. He has own total $7,736,707 in his whole carrier. He has total 11 carrier titles won. 48 carrier cashes he has own in his carrier. He has won 700 points in poker of the year and he has ranked at 133.

Ole doesn’t play any World Series of Poker. Also he doesn’t play any World poker Tour. He has played European Poker Tour. He has won $471,842 total in European Poker tour. Total 7 cashes has won in this poker tour. And he has played at 2 final tables in this tour. He has been Poker player of the year at 133 rank and won $1,048,815 prize in this. His carrier graph is very smooth and its continuously going increases that is most dominant and very great achievement he has in his carrier.

He has played Main event which is played in 2012. In this game he has placed at 1st rank and winnings was $1,474,671. The event was played in Sep 2012. Total participants were 573 and prize pool was $6,286,699. Second top cashes was played in july2014 and game type was No Limit Hold’Em and total 30 participants in this and prize pool was $2,970,000 and buy in was $10000, he has get 600 points in this series. Recently he has played on 31st Jan 2015 and game type was No Limit Hold’Em and placed at 2nd rank in this game. His winnings were of total $1,048,815.

Jason Wheeler finally wins the WPT Amsterdam €6,000 High Roller, Salter becomes Runner-Up

The €6,000 High Roller of World Poker Tour Amsterdam drew 52 unique entries and 24 reentries swelling the field to 76 entries producing pool prize money of €420,204. Originally the tournament was schedule for two days but owing to large number of entries the tournament was extended for another day to facilitate the heads-up between Jason Wheeler and Jack Salter.
The heads-up was began by Salter with 2.415 million against Wheeler’s 1.385 million, but Wheeler had the fortune favoring him all the way on Day 3 and he took the first prize of €125,000 home while the second place winner of EPT10 Grand Final Main Event and 2014 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific Main Event remained the runner up with the earning of €90,000.

This is the biggest win for Wheeler since his 2009 score when he was the runner-up in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em of World Series of Poker with the prize money of $418,122. Before this tournament Wheeler had amassed carrier prize earnings of over $1.5 million from tournaments.

The €6,000 High Roller Results stood thus: Jason Wheeler was in first place with €125,000, Jack Salter was second with €90,000 and Misel Draganic finished third place with winnings of €56,700. Ramin Hajivev with €12,604 was in the ninth and final place.

The Day 3 was a not a long one and very few hands were played which were mostly won by Wheeler. Salter was 545,000 chips down in the last hand when he open-shoved.

Wheeler called and it was {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds for him against Salter’s {K-Spades}{7-Diamonds}. Wheeler pronounced the scene when his good friend Bryn Kenney leaned over, “threes against kind and seven”. But it took a while for Wheeler to win the table and the tournament but eventually he did. Wheeler in the end exclaimed, “Got the trophy in Amsterdam finally”.

William “Bill” Chen resume buttresses poker is a game of skill

Poker is founded on mathematics principles of probability and predictions, if you want to win; you have to view it from this standpoint.

Bets, bluffs, raises as well as folds should be weighed particularly on the projected value but not because the action is apparently right or intimates something. Poker players who invest skill have seen the fruition of this through their accomplishments and strategic play at tough encounters. William “Bill” Chen who has been in the poker industry since 2005 has a resume that reflects the unprecedented nature of the game.

His winnings show players who are determined are always inclined to make a winning. His C.V has adorable poker accomplishments he has attained at different tournaments.
Firstly, Chen played at the 2006 WSOP where he brought down the final table in two events to mint twin bracelets. This was in the $3,000 Limit Texas Hold’em tournament where he took home $343,618 and again in the $2,500 NLHE Short-Handed tournament for a grand prize of $442,511. His antecedent largest event win preceding these events was at the Bicycle Casino Legends of Poker NLHE where he wrung out $41,600. In 2009 he ventured into the televised Poker After Dark where he placed 5th losing to Jimmy Warren. His participation has seen him gain membership at the Churchill Regular Association for Poker as a Nobel Laureate.

However, since 2009, he has not featured in high profile cash games but one cannot conclude he is out yet. However, minting two bracelets and earning substantially at the WSOP has seen him become a prominent player globally.

In 2009, his overall live events earnings were above $1,000,000 with his fourteen cashes at the WSOP have contributed $882,744 of the earnings. His resume is magnificent and commendable; if he reappears more victories are in the offing.

Kelley Slay-The Most Winning poker player

Kelley women poker player. She is one of the best players of poker. She has played many of the matches and she won the matches.

Kelley is home town is Jacksonville from unites states. He has won total $59,271 throughout her career. She has won 20 cashes in her career. She has won 1 title in her career. She is the most Slay is a devoted player of poker. She is played for her own interest and because of she is born to play poker. She has played many of the world series of pokerand winstoo.

She has won total $10,179 in World Series of poker. She has won total 2 cashes in World Series of poker.

She has played 5 top cashes in her career. She has played 39th annual World Series of poker. Which has been played on 5th event of this series which is played from 3rd jun-5thJune 2008.

Total buy info this series in $1000 total prize pool is $2,894,094 total entries of this series are 766. She has placed at 64th rank and she won $8,103. Afterwards she has played in 2012 Jacksonville of world poker tour that has been played on 23 April 2012. The game type of this series is No-Limit Hold’Em. She has played at 4th event of this series. She was placed at 4th rank in this series and total win of this series is $5400.

She has played in 2013 best Jacksonville fall poker scramble of World Series of poker. The game type of this event is No-Limit Hold’Em this was played on 13th November 2013. She has played in 15th event of this series. She has placed at 2nd place in this series she won $11,846 in this series. Which is the top cashes of Kelley in her poker career. She had played last series in 2015 which is MSPT, Jacksonville.The game type of this series is No-Limit Hold’Em. She has places at 16th place in this series and she won $1752 in this series.

Rupert Elder is a Distinguished Poker Player with a global bent

Today when poker has undergone a paradigmatic shift from the conventional live tournaments to a virtual game, professional players are investing in both platforms to make earnings. One top-notch player who has played widely in live events and online poker games is Rupert Elder.

He propelled to global prominence when he clinched the European Poker Tour first prize and bolstered his standing in poker again by notching an additional Aussie Millions ring. He plays virtually under the screen name ElRupert and has amassed beyond $3,000,000. Online platforms are fortuitous, Elder has leveraged infrastructure to gain substantial bucks. His resume depicts flexibility as he can play online or bet in live events with perspicacity.

As aforesaid, he rose to fame by playing online, in 2010; he participated in the Full-Tilt-Poker Millions Dollar to take home $142,846. By the same token, he played excellently at the 2011 European Poker Tour, San Romeo to rake in €930,000 by vanquishing German Max Heinzelmann in heads-up confrontation.

This winning was bolstered in 2013 when he returned to the EPT in Berlin in a €1,100 Turbo Event to take home €49,800. Another remarkable milestone in his poker career is undergirded in his WSOP outcomes.

Playing in 2011 at the World Series of Poker Main Event, he managed to place 132nd to siphon off $54,851. He also featured in the Aussie Millions at an inaugural tournament to outlast a field of 1338 entrants to walk away with $263,925. To say the least, he boats a magnificent resume and is poised to climb up the ladder and rub shoulders with the likes of Martin Jacobson or David Negreanu.
In 2013, his overall tournament earnings were above $1.9 M albeit his online winnings are not disclosed. He is still playing poker and is expected to place a top position in one of the global poker circuits as his resume heralds future wins.

Raymond Rahme-Poker to reach great heights

Choosing a game to play for you when you are looking forward to make the choice is most important.

There are many choices yet you will prefer to choose only the game that offers you the interest and also the happiness while playing so. Isn’t it? Do you agree with the point said? You need to. Such games are few whereby the game referred as Poker is specially meant to be giving the happiness to you, when you are involved in the game, poker professionals sound good in plying the game excellently.

Raymond Rahme is yet another best class and a professional player in the game of poker. This player being born in 1945 is actually a South African Player indeed. Just in the age of 15, he left the school and his studies were not completely fulfilled. But, still he is considered to be one of the successful business men in South Africa. This player is considered ever born African to win and get a numerous titles and mainly huge prize money. He is the only and the first person to reach the final table of his country South Africa which gave him huge fame and pride reaching to the people of whole world.

Fame and pride leads him:

In the Poker Tournament of All Africa, he finished in 4th rank which was held in 2007 and it is considered to be the largest South African Tournament ever. He also plays this game in online too and also he became a member of Poker Stars. This team always sponsored him for all his trips and arrangements. Almost, he made around 3 cashes in the World Series of Poker. Also, now he is regarded as one of the best type of professional players in this world after reaching great heights.

Scott Clements – Player of Great Skill in Game of Poker

He is a player who has great career in the game of poker. He is player who has good track records in the game of poker. The main idea of the Scott Clements to win the poker game is that he uses all his knowledge and all experience in his career. He has excellent records in the game of poker. If we look at the clashes he has around $6,201,270 on his name. He also has 18 titles in his name in the international poker game.

He is player who strives hard when he is playing the game of poker. He has around 127 cashes on his name. The way he plays game is really different than all other poker players. He has 12 final tables on his name in the game of poker game.

There are also 2 bracelets on his name. Scott Clements has superb record in European poker your game. He has cash of around $68,597 on his name. Scott dos nit have any championship title on his name in European poker tournament. In game of poker player list he is player in top 100. He has 81 ranks in the world poker game. If we take look at the world poker tournament records we can see he has $1,963,545 cash amount on his name. He has 2 championships on his name in the world poker tournament.

He has 3 final tables on his name in the world poker tournament. In worlds series of poker he has 11 final tables on his name. He is player who has good track record in overall tournament of poker game. He plays the game of poker in very mush skilled ways that make the opponent very much stressful. He is player who has good casino cashes on his name.

Peter East gate-Poker possesses 1 bracelet

When you wish to play a game, you need to know whether the game is really a cup of tea of yours, whereby you can continue the game further. When you consider this game Poker, you can win the game easily when you know the tactics of it. Thinking of such professionals, you can never forget Peter east gate as he has possessed a bracelet.
Peter East gate is a player who plays Poker from the place of Denmark, who is knowable for his 2008 event. The player was the very youngest player at that time period that was surpassed by another player named as Joe by the year 2009. The player has been given the nickname as Icegate and also as Isser too. The player has been introduced this poker game by his class mate, whereby then he started playing the game interestingly. When Peter was qualified to play the final table via a website named as Ladbrokes Poker, hence he did travel to Las Vegas being a team of Ladbrokes poker.
Winner of event 2008 WSOP:
Thus the player reached the final table of main event held in 2008 WSOP, where he met his opponent Demidov in heads-up battle. Thus he gave a dazzling defeat to his opponent, by winning the main event and turned out to be the winner of WSOP 2008. He did break the record of Phil Hellmuth who won the event, when he was 24, and Peter surpassed him, as he was 22 at the moment he won the WSOP 2008 main event. The player stated the statement as that he started playing the game for a living, and it was not his aim to become a poker professional in the rest of his days, yet he then joined back after a break of 8 month period of time.

Sarah Herzali: A famous name in the world of poker

Sarah Herzali was born in Marseille, France. Her total earnings from live tournaments are about $192,440, and her best record is to win $37,019 in a live event. On 22nd of July, 2014 she secured 20th place at the 45th World Series of Poker event along with a total of $13,390 in cash prize. On 30th March, 2014 she finished at the 22nd place in Bwin EPT National Merit Cyprus event along with a cash prize of $1,325. She got 25th rank at the 44th World Series of Poker event which was held on 6th June of the year 2013. She won about $37,019 in that event. She got 45th rank in IPT San Remo and earned a total of $1,107 as a cash prize. The event was held on 27th of April, 2013. She secured 16th place at the 2012 Mega Stack series on 4th of July, 2012. She earned about $692 in that event.

She has considered as one of the most-talented poker players of the modern times. It is clear that she is a gifted player from all her victories. Although it may seem that she is not a major success in the poker world because of her low earnings but it is sure that she is going to be a big name in the world of poker.

She started playing poker when she was quite young. Her interest in poker games eventually turned into a profession and now she is officially considered as a professional poker player. Despite her number of participations in so many tournaments, her earnings are still nowhere close to that of a highly successful poker player. But despite this fact, she has gained immense popularity from her game in which she uses all the tricks and strategies she has learned from her experience.

A technical poker player: Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow was born on 30th of April of the year 1968 in Nevada. He has nicknamed as “The Mouth” in the poker world. He is a professional American poker player who is widely famous for his dynamic personality. He got his nickname because of his habit of constant trash talking at the game table. He is persistent in playing poker games and can play continuously for hours, and that too for several days. It is the reason due to which he has sometimes called as “Mike Matusow Blow Up” and “Mike Matusow Melt Down.” He was active in the poker games worldwide till the year 1990.
After his retirement, he started working as a poker dealer and the as an American professional poker consultant. He reached the apex of the poker industry because of his efforts and dedication. He is five times bracelet winner at the World Series of Poker. In the year 2005, he participated in the World Series Poker championship. By the age of eighteen, he started playing video poker regularly at the Maxim Casino due to which he suffered from strain injury in his shoulder and arms.
Mike Matusow won his first bracelet at World Series of Poker main event in the year 1999 when he defeated Alex Brenes and earned a cash prize of $350,000. He secured sixth place at the 2001 poker event along with a cash prize of $10,000. He won his second bracelet in 2002 along with $5,000 in cash prize. In the year 2008, he won his third bracelet at the WSOP $5000 No Limit event. He started playing poker when he was a kid. He used to play at local tournaments where he was not very successful. Scott Nguyen provided financial support to Mike in the form of $333,333 for partial stakes at the 1998 WSOP main event.