Poker Legislation’s Fate In California

The issue of online poker becoming legal in California has been a subject of an ongoing debate.

It seems that the debate will be prolonged as the latest bill on trying to legalize online poker in this state just suffered an early death recently. There have been several attempts and the latest attempt to legalize poker online in California has suffered an early death at the state assembly. The result was several competing groups that are in the gambling industry and are jostling for power in this market that rakes in about one billion annually.

The battle continues between the Native American tribes in this state versus the online poker sites. Even though the legalization would prove lucrative for the casino operators as well as the state, the native tribes are opposing such an action. As per media sources like the Los Angeles Times, the bill was put across by Adam Gray, an Assemblyman who wanted to have poker licenses granted to online poker sites for a period of seven years.

The license would have been granted to poker parlors along with Native American tribes, about 60 in number. That would have been subject to checks run by the Department of Justice of the state. Poker parlors have legal licenses to operate, but not to run online versions legally. The bill was the eleventh attempt to legalize the poker game in the state, but it could not get two thirds support at the state assembly due to which it could not become eligible for a final vote at the legislative session.

The tribes were concerned that poker sites like Amaya would cut into their operations and that could not be averted even if there is a clause that would prevent international sites from getting into the business here.