Rahme Eliminated From LPC On Day 2

111 players came to the du Liban Casino outside of Beirut for the second day of the 2009 Lebanese Poker Championship.

The largest tournament of poker in the city had ever. The structure of the tournament was deliberately designed the way that those players take their time and picks their spots carefully. This lead to slow start of the event and it became slower then what was calculated by the organizer.

Total 28 players remained in the event by the end of day 2 of the event. On day 2 of the event Fadi Kamar was leading all players with a good margin and moved to the final day of the event.

Many renowned players were eliminated from the game on day 2. And among many Raymond Rahme was also the one. The player was eliminated early from the game, leading to a big three-way hand. The hand was between Rahme, Ziad Hany and Joseph Mouawad. Both Rahme and Mouawad were chasing Handy and entire chips went in the middle on a flop, when Mouawad showed to Rahme. And when the running sevens were brought by turn and river Hany scooped the pot and both Mouawad and Rahme headed to the rail.

The event saw some great twist and turns as some players who were expected to win the tournament got eliminated from the event in the early rounds.

After elimination Rahme was not happy with his performance. He shared his feeling with these words, “The game was going good. Both I and Mouawad were chasing Hany. Hany was aware of that. He played smartly and showed the way to train.” “Though, I am no more the part of the event as a player, but will watch this interesting tournament. It is a great fun playing here.” He added.