Season 17 Has Got A New Stop In The World Poker Tour

It is common to see the disclaimer stating that the organizers of any tournament or event has the right to amend the schedules at any time. Well, the World Series Poker is using this disclaimer’s right in a good way by bringing the game to new places where there is a lot of potential for both players and audience. It is the first time in the history of the game that the game has come to the Venetian which is situated in the city of Las Vegas.

The series is set to run in the month of March from the 13th to the 26th and this venue will be a part of this. The reason for choosing this venue is that ever since the casino started its services in Las Vegas, they have been hosting some great events and all these events have got great responses. To add to that, the facility which is offered in this casino is on par with the standards set by some of the best playing areas in the world.

The official of the casino has stated that the opportunity is very exciting as they have partnered with one of the leaders in the world of poker and this is one way of bringing an enhanced game to the players and the visitors. On the other side, the WPT official has stated that the Venetian is a venue known for its historic roots and there is no reason why the poker world series should not be played there. He also said that the organization is looking ahead to be one of the premier destinations for poker and this stopover could be the starting point for all things good in the development of poker.

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